Difference Between Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee

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Bodies and others for supply of materials, construction of building etc. No information on this website should be construed as a solicitation, offer, recommendation, and representation of suitability or endorsement of any security, investment or strategy. Before releasing a BG on request, the bank will thoroughly evaluate the applicant’s previous banking history, creditworthiness, CRISIL score as well as CIBIL rating.

Bank will in effect maintain a demat account for these instruments in the name of the constituents. You can rest easy with Export Post Shipment Credit from Federal Bank. Bank guarantee is used to strengthen and/or secure an obligation under a commercial contract. Customers can apply to the Bank to issue BG in favour of a Beneficiary. BG issued in favour of Customs Department in respect of payment of customs duty by the customer.

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Retention Money guarantee is issued to ensure that retention money withheld by the beneficiary is released to the applicant so that he gets sufficient working capital to complete the contract. Compared to other means of personal security, bank guarantee proves to be more suitable, since due to its abstractness and lack of accessory it provides a broader protection of economic interests of the creditors. Bank guarantee occurs as an institution that significantly influences the improvement of international economic relations. In the modern scenario where there is a huge distrust among the participants of the global business scenario, contracts or deals should be done with well known and reliable business entities.

Bank Guarantee and International Business

In the event that the company or issuing bank fails to meet its obligations, the confirming bank ensures payment. Bank guarantees shield both parties from credit risk in a contractual agreement. A construction company and its cement supplier, for example, may enter into a contract to build a mall.


This equipment is mostly utilised within the limits of the local area. The letter of credit effectively substitutes the bank’s credit for the client’s, ensuring correct and timely payment. The bank only pays that amount if the opposing party fails to fulfill the contract’s obligations. The guarantee can be used to protect a buyer or seller from loss or damage caused by the other party’s failure to perform under a contract. In essence, the guarantee assures the entity behind the project that it is financially stable enough to take on the project from start to finish.

Risk base is the fun action not only of external rating but also type of bank guarantee issued. This is one of the most common types of bank guarantee which is used to secure the completion of the contractual responsibilities of delivery of goods and act as security of penalty payment by the Supplier in case of nondelivery of goods. This is also called bid bonds and is normally issued in support of a tender in international trade. It provides the beneficiary with a financial remedy, if the applicant fails to fulfill any of the tender conditions.


Now if the https://1investing.in/ makes any default in paying or fulfilling the terms & conditions of the BG contract, the supplier can recover the amount from the issuing bank. The bank here undertakes the responsibility to pay the exporter if the importer is unable to do so. In other words, a bank guarantee is a legal promise made by an issuing bank or a financial institution to the exporters on behalf of their applicants that in the event if the importers are at default, they would be paid on time with a full-fledged amount by the issuing bank. It assures the exporter that they will get their amount for the delivered goods & services to the importer. A letter of credit is written commitment document issued by a bank or other financial institutions to assure payment to seller on the basis of documentary proof on fulfillment of performance by seller as per terms and conditions mentioned in LC. Under an LC, the seller gets guarantee on payment of his sale of goods from the buyer’s bank.

The guarantee usually only requires a little paperwork and is approved quickly by banks. Guarantees are usually charged at a reasonable rate by banks, which benefits even small businesses. It promotes the seller/beneficiaries to build their organisation on credit terms because of the low risk. HDFC Bank has been building new competencies through Digital Factory, Enterprise Factory and Enterprise IT to both run and build the Bank. Building new competencies is a key pillar for the bank’s digital strategy. Do you have different opinion about the difference between Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee?

The bank may ask you to provide security for issuing guarantee either in the form of deposits or collateral. The Indian agents of foreign airline companies, who are members of International Air Transport Association , are required to furnish bank guarantees in favor of foreign airline companies/IATA, in connection with their ticketing business. Bank guarantees are, thus, creating a higher level of security of creditors and significantly affecting the stabilization of relations in the international market. The amount of liability undertaken in a bank guarantee without any demur or dispute under the terms of guarantee is absolute and unequivocal.

Types of Bank Guarantees

This payment can also be refused by the bank, if the claim is found to be unlawful. This guarantee assures timely delivery of goods or performance of services according to a contract. Monetary compensation of will be made by the bank in case of any delay in performance of services or operation of the contract. The demand of the beneficiary shall be final and conclusive in that regard.

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Enjoy comprehensive meaning of bank guaranteeing solutions that suit the banking need of every MSME. If you are the site owner , please whitelist your IP or if you think this block is an error please open a support ticket and make sure to include the block details , so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue. A paper BG will continue to remain so unless cancelled and reissued as e-BG.

Liability under Bank Guarantee

In the cases of purchase of capital goods/machinery where the seller offers credit to the buyer and buyer’s bank guarantees the due payments to the seller. Here the seller draws drafts of different maturities on the buyer which are accepted by the buyer and co-accepted by the Buyer’s bank. Thereby the buyer’s bank guarantees due payment of those drafts drawn by the seller which represents the total consideration of the contract of sale/supply. The seller avail the refinance from his bank against co-accepted bills. Hence procedure applicable for assessment of term loan must be followed for DPG limit viz. Projection under operating statement, Funds flow statement, DSCR, BEP etc.

A performance guarantee kicks in if services or goods are not provided to the buyer by the seller as per the specifi cations mentioned in the contract. Overseas Opportunities – A bank guarantee enables exporters to deal with unknown parties overseas without any stress due to the involvement of the guaranteeing bank. Hus, they can discover more global opportunities for their businesses without any payment threat.

What Is A Bank Guarantee?

The foreign banks confirm the original documents and thereby assume the responsibility. Shipping guarantee is issued to the shipping company to release the goods by the shipping companies on the basis of bank guarantee. Shipping guarantee is issued due to the arrival of the consignment but non-receipt of relative documents of title to goods.

The guarantees issued by banks for above purpose is called financial guarantee wherein the banks undertake to pay the guaranteed amount during a specified period on demand from the beneficiary. As you are aware that Bank Guarantee is a promise made by a Bank/Financial Institution to any third person to undertake payment risk on behalf of its customers. A BG is a irrevocable undertaking by a bank to pay certain sum of money to the beneficiary in the event of non-compliance /fulfilment of commitment by the client/borrower as spelt out in the guarantee within the specific period of time. It is generally issued on request of a customer of a bank/financial institution in favour of third party to protect third party in business or financial transactions with the requesting customer of the bank.

  • These agreements are especially important and useful in transactions that would otherwise be risky, such as certain real estate and international trade contracts.
  • Any person who has a good financial record is eligible to apply for BG.
  • IDBI Bank is now offering an online module for seeking confirmation of issuance/amendment of Bank Guarantee issued by the Bank.
  • Federal Bank is registered with SEBI as Category – I Merchant Banker.
  • Credit card guarantee is issued by the credit card companies to its customer as a guarantee that the merchant will be paid on transactions regardless of whether the consumer pays their credit.

To reduce the risks to which the banks are exposed while furnishing bank guarantees on behalf of their clients, banks resort to the following to safeguard their interest. Also a variation in a contract put in effect by one of the parties does not affect the liability under the guarantee. The bank may reject the bank guarantee if the beneficiary is not able to show that the all the requisite terms in the bank guarantee are fulfilled, incase all the conditions are fulfilled the bank has to make the payment. These guarantees are issued for the performance of a contract or an obligation. In case, there is a default in the performance, non-performance or short performance of a contract, the beneficiary’s loss will be made good by the bank. An export letter of credit informs the buyer’s bank that it must pay the seller if all contract conditions are met.

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